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French lessons for travelers
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New Release In November

Practical, Quick Preparation 

For Your Trip To France

In just 13 one-hour language lessons, Instant French will quickly prepare you to speak clear, colloquial French focused on these common, everyday situations:

  • Meeting and greeting people

  • Interacting with wait staff in restaurants

  • Engaging with sales clerks and shopkeepers

From the very first lesson you'll be speaking in complete sentences as you follow the storyline of an American family on their exciting first trip to France. 

3 Course Components Blend Seamlessly...

  • Richly illustrated Textbook

  • 15 On-Line Half-Hour Videos (13 Language, 2 Cultural) Viewable From Any Location

  • Downloadable MP3 Speaking Practice Audio Files 

Whether you're a complete novice, or had a little French in school and need a refresher, Instant French will quickly get you actually speakingconfidently and clearlyso that people will say, "Wow, your French is so good!"

Watch Introduction to Instant French.

Read the First Two Lessons of Instant French.

Focused On What You Really Need...
Multimedia French course for beginners
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Cover Drop Shadow.png

Alex Randolph—Book I

In this compelling and poignant debut novel, D. Bruce Foster takes you on an insider's journey through the intense and often chaotic world of modern emergency medicine. Young Dr. Alex Randolph leaves a promising career at a prestigious university for the challenge of leading a new emergency department in the wealthy Maryland steeplechase country north of Baltimore.


Three years later, his idyllic world at Mason-Dixon Regional Medical Center is improbably rocked by a brutal drug war, powerful corporate intrigue, and a beautiful widow who makes his head spin. These forces combine in an explosive, heart-pounding climax that risks everything in life that Alex holds dear--even his own life.

"... absorbing... riveting... a vivid dispatch from the front lines of American medicine. Enthralling... with real depth and pathos." 
"... a thoughtful thriller, highly recommended.
Five Stars.png
—Midwest Book Review
This Way To Paradise Cover Drop Shadow.png

The Thrilling Sequel...  Alexander Randolph—Book II

On a horse farm in the steeplechase country of Maryland's My Lady's Manor, ER physician Alex Randolph and his girlfriend, Penny Murray, are recovering from injuries sustained in a hospital hostage incident that transformed them into instant, but unwilling, national celebrities. A thousand miles distantin an almost parallel universean abused and impoverished young girl from the Everglades evolves into a stunningly beautiful sociopath of enormous wealth. As a golden summer transitions to fall, dark obsession stalks the unknowing young couple, and fate inexorably leads three lives to collision, sweeping the idyllic landscape of My Lady's Manor with terror and death.

"Five Stars out of Five. In this second installment of the Alex Randolph series, D. Bruce Foster creates another exciting, pulse-pounding thriller...This Way To Paradise has the elements of a medical drama as well as the heart-stopping thrills of a fast-paced crime exceptional reading experience." 
Five Stars.png
—Foreword Clarion Review
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Second Edition of the

Popular Text Twelve-Lead Electrocardiography for ACLS Providers

There are two components to the complete interpretation of an electrocardiogram (ECG): analysis of the rhythm of the ECG waveforms which are the electrical manifestation of cardiac activity; and analysis of the shape (morphology) of the waveforms in order to diagnose many conditions not related to rhythm. Twelve Lead Electrocardiography: Interpretation and Theory deals solely with this second component, and is aimed at students who already have a familiarity with the analysis of heart rhythms.


Twelve Lead Electrocardiography Theory and Interpretation describes a set of discrete building blocks of easily understood electrophysiologic principals, and then allows the reader to deduce what the 12 lead electrocardiogram will look like under various circumstances. There is no memorizing patterns. Instead emphasis is on understanding and deduction. Retention is greatly enhanced, and more importantly, the reader becomes a more competent interpreter of 12 lead ECGs.


The ultimate objective of the text is to enable both cardiologists and non-cardiologists to utilize the 12 lead ECG in daily clinical practice in a competent manner. Cardiology residents, students, emergency physicians and internists, as well as paramedics, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who are called upon to make initial clinical judgements particularly regarding the evaluation of patients with chest pain will all benefit from the information contained within these pages.

This book is a welcome addition to the body of literature which examines the role of electrocardiography in ACS. It provides first responders with a concise reference for using the ECG to diagnose ACS and choose appropriate therapies in acute care settings." (Scott W. Ard, MD, BS, Ochsner Clinic Foundation)
Five Stars.png
"Outstanding"      —Doody's Review, June 2007
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Best Selling

First Edition

Out of Print

Used copies available on Amazon.

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