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Dive Into Medicine, Spellbinding Fiction, And The French Language With D. Bruce Foster

D. Bruce Foster Books
Bruce Foster

D. Bruce Foster is a native of northern Baltimore County, Maryland, location of the novels Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and This Way To Paradise, where he grew up observing the social and cultural milieu of My Lady's Manor steeplechase country. For fifteen years he was Chief of Emergency Medicine at a Pennsylvania hospital and was the medical director of an aeromedical helicopter service.

Following his lifelong passion for teaching, Bruce published two medical textbooks: Twelve Lead Electrocardiography for ACLS Providers published in 1996 by W. B. Saunders (Elsevier Health Sciences), and Twelve Lead Electrocardiography- Theory and Interpretation published in 2007 by Springer. The former, now out of print, sold 7,000 copies--a significant performance for a medical textbook--and the latter earned a four-star rating and a numerical rating of 92-- "Outstanding" category--from Doody's Book Review, a review service for the medical publishing industry.


Most recently Bruce has followed another passion by teaming up with prominent French professor Julie Beaufort of Fontainebleau, France to write and produce Instant FrenchQuick Preparation For A Trip To France, a short multimedia beginning French course to quickly prepare travelers for the thrill of speaking another language. The textbook, 15 half-hour videos, and MP3 practice audio files will be released In November 2019.

Bruce lives with his gorgeous and long-suffering wife on a farm in southern Pennsylvania in a lovingly restored pre-Civil War brick farmhouse. His other interests, many of which come to bear in his books, include flying (he's an instrument-rated private pilot), skiing, tennis, graphics design, and, of course, the French language. A serial entrepreneur, Foster has founded four businesses, including the Whitetail Ski Resort in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, the premier mid-Atlantic ski area.

Julie Beaufort professor of French
Co-author of Instant French
Julie Beaufort


Julie Beaufort grew up in Fontainebleau, France riding horses under the watchful eye of her equestrian mother. She is a professor of French who holds many degrees and certifications in the French language, including a BS from the University of Paris, and a MA in French for foreign language speakers from the University of Grenoble. She conducts professional training workshops for French teachers, and is a trainer for DELF-DALF certification examiners. Her company, French 'n FLE, provides many French language services.


An experienced international traveler herself, Julie has taught French in Tanzania, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. She has also lived in Turkey, Australia, and the Bahamas. 

Julie is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who hikes, bikes, does yoga, and rides horses. And, as you might guess from her lovely voice, is a trained concert vocalist. You can learn more about Julie by clicking on her website or LinkedIn link below her photo.

Learn more about Julie by clicking one of the links below:

Julie Beaufort author of Instant French Quick Preparation For A Trip To France
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